Established In Two Thousand Seventeen

K.E.Y Esthetics is a friendship of two Licensed Paramedical Estheticians sharing a passion for giving confidence through plant based treatment therapy. Opening a fun energy, plant based, girly spa was a vision of Kristie Duduka. Her goal was to create a beautiful space that offered the most up to date, more holistic innovative approach to problem solving challenging skin concerns. The idea where people would feel comfortable in an upbeat or calm location to talk about their skin and lifestyle without feeling they need to hold any piece of their skin history back because of embarrassment or self doubt was just the beginning of how K.E.Y was formed. (Kristie. Enzymes. Your Esthetics) Kristie chose a professional skin care brand that followed the idea of rebuilding the health of the skin before breaking it down constantly to see results. DMK’s legendary concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain is unmatched among any other professional and over the counter brand and has won numerous awards as being nationally known for their therapies with their DMK Enzyme therapy taking the biggest spotlight.

 Within a year, Kristie already had made growth and expanded her team to two where Bianca joined K.E.Y with the same desires in the esthetic world plus incorporating body waxing.

We have an amazing support system within the DMK Skin family that continuously provide ongoing education that often times seems like it never ends! We full heartedly understand that the reason why people come to us is because it is truly unfair to deal with skin concerns that have a negative effect on the physical and emotion aspect of the body. The skin and body do not only need topical attention in treatment but more in depth of looking at the whole person for answers and not just a physical symptoms. Our skin and body treatments are performed from consistency and dedication. Our vision as a team is to empower and inspire men and women through education and fresh information, creating a place of excellence in every area that exemplifies who they are inside and out.