We know that the most radiant beauty is rooted in balance.


The Hydro-Facial uses water, nutrient enriched elixirs and serums that plump and comfort the skin, making them restorative and richly nutritious.

This treatment is weightless and conditioning throughout the whole facial. The benefit of gentle suction makes the foundation of a clean canvas. This sets up the skin for success while maintaining the skin's natural Ph.  We are able to remove impurities without aggressively stripping the skin with this treatment. Lymphatic movement with the gentle suction tip creates energized, fresh blood circulation to the skin. The Hydro-Facial infusion is quick to deliver nutrition to deeper layers where support is most needed for optimal function and balance. We love this treatment for those looking maintain a good glow, before an event, pregnancy, before a date, before your wedding, just because, and self care treatments. It is all about keeping the skin clean, radiant and balanced.


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Cleanse + Ph Correct
Deeply and Gently Purify the Skin with an non-soap, creamy cleanser made with organic ingredients and healthy oils. This step energizes, restores and conditions the skin.


Extract + Soften
Remove Debris and Soften Pores with Painless Suction and Organically Farmed Hydrosols  with No Alcohol

Correct + Infuse
Ageless and Advanced Corrective Serum Infused with Nourishing Whole Herb Nutrients and Antioxidants

Quench + Protect

Hydrate the Skin with Light Weight Nourishing Botanicals to Maximize Your Glow


Face Lifting Microcurrent
Lift Define, Contour

Oxygen/Serum Spray
Cooling w/ Herbs & Minerals
Wet or Dry Microdermabrasion
Resurface, Restore, Repair