Skin Workshop

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KEY Skin Workshops are an intimate class sessions designed to educate,

connect and empower those with a real passion for taking care of their skin.

One of the most fulfilling ways to refine your personal skin goals is to seek guidance from a mentor who can guide you through the details of skin anatomy, techniques, and helpful tips to keep your skin on the right track. Most importantly, a skin mentor can give you a very real advice on specifics you might have questions on through struggles of acne, hyper pigmentation, dryness, aging skin, and skin abnormalities. This is where we come in as professional Estheticians outside of the treatment room.

"Having the knowledge we've accumulated over the years, doing what we love, and teaching it to someone who is struggling with their own skin is why we enjoy this industry. A class like this is such a valuable way to learn how to care for skin." - Kristie

These classes are an interesting way for us to teach skin health were everyone can have a question, visually learn and do hands-on treatments, techniques and protocols that can be used at home.Each class is based on a skin topic and carried on with printable hand-outs filled with skin care verbiage, visual diagrams and tips for home use.

Part of the class time is set aside for an educational piece from a local collaborator withing the beauty industry and/or wellness.