We love Skin.

K.E.Y Esthetics is an award-winning paramedical skin revision clinic bridging the gap between the medical and aesthetic industries. We specialize in providing clinical skincare and advanced paramedical treatments in the most welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Our goal from the start was to “be the place to learn about skin”. The ultimate goal is to bring the skin back to homeostasis and optimal skin functioning. Our emphasis on quality continued education, personal curated experiences, and beautiful results on real clients makes us the premium trusted destination for those seeking help to skin concerns.

Kristie Duduka
DMK MD Skin Revision Esthetician
Barrier Repair | Skin Educator

Founder & Owner

K.E.Y Esthetics is a place developed by a dream of teaching people how to love their own skin. Starting out in the beauty industry working with name brands such as Dior, Estee Lauder and Clarins, Krisite Duduka she found out first hand how choosing the right product the effects and challenges a person's confidence and results.

Her own struggles with acne pigmentation and and textured skin propelled her to find safe and effective treatments that work better than superficial. Her thirst for knowledge lead her to leave cosmetics and dive deep into an 1,200 hr. Advanced Paramedical Skin program with an associates degree in Natural Health from the Steiner Education Group. Yearly, a drive to continue her education led her to adopt the concept of skin rebuilding and bringing the skin back to homeostasis—optimal health, before rebuilding or embarking on skin revision.

Bailey Bening
DMK Skin Revision Esthetician

DMK Skin Revision Esthetician

Barrier Repair | Hydro-Facial

Bianca Nitschke- Bresett
DMK MD Skin Revision Esthetician

Barrier Repair | Skin Educator | Queen-B of Waxing

Kylie Cooper
DMK MD Skin Revision Esthetician

Barrier Repair | Advanced Modalities